Archery Warz V Paintball

Lately people have been searching for alternatives to classic team sports like basketball, football, and baseball. More and more people are looking for team-oriented games full of different strategies and interesting equipment. With its cutting-edge technology, cool arenas, and trendy look, paintball has been the king of this niche for a long time. Not anymore. There are plenty of reasons why archery warz is vastly superior, and when you see archery warz vs paintball compared side by side, it is clear that a new sheriff is in town.

Same intensity, if not greater

Both of these games are fun, intense team games where two opposing squads go toe to toe to see who will be king of the arena. People like them for the competition, exercise, and strategy. Both games are high intensity, but archery tag is on average going to be more intense. This is due to the nature of the game. In archery warz, people are going to be less wary of getting hit by a projectile, and therefore will be more aggressive. Not only that, but we offer many formats of the game that are more intense than the normal team format. You can bet that your adrenaline will be pumping.

Same level of strategy and competition

Not only do we like seeing people give it all that they’ve got to get the win, but we can’t help but respect and admire groups of people competing against each other and using strategy to win the game. So it is only natural that we love a game that is full of interesting techniques, tricks, and strategies. Both paintball and archery warz are full of these. Not only is it cheaper to play, and easier to set up, but you get the same benefits when it comes to both strategy and competition.

The best part: No pain. No mess.

The real kicker in it all is that archery warz doesn’t have any of the mess or pain that paintball does. Getting hit with a foam-tipped arrow is virtually painless, getting whacked with a whizzing ball of paint is a wallop. We promise that you won’t leave with any welts or serious injuries from the game. On top of that, there is no mess like in paintball. As the name suggests, you will in fact be covered in gallons of paint when you are done playing. You won’t get any of that with us.

If you are looking for a great team game with lots of techniques, intensity, and strategy, then you need look no further. When compared to the traditional leader of this niche, paintball, it is clear that archery warz has many advantages.  Book us and see for yourself just how much better it is to have all the fun without the pain and mess.