Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does it hurt and is it safe?

The impact of our arrows is similar to that of a well hit tennis ball. In general, Archery Warz hurts less than paintball and leaves little to no bruising.

The arrows we use have been safely used for years by Live Action Roleplay groups and further refined as Archery Dodgeball has become more popular as a sport. Our bows are powerful enough to have impact, without presenting any danger to participants. Safety masks must be worn at all times on the battlefield for added protection.

If your group is mostly juniors or particularly worried about the impact of the arrows we also offer softer tipped arrows and less powerful bows.

+ What is the minimum age?

We currently recommend Archery Warz for Ages 14+. That said, young participants may be allowed to join in (with parental permission) for certain events.

+ I'm an Archery newbie, can I still play?

The majority of the people that come and play with us have never picked up a bow before, let alone played Bow Tag games.

Every session starts with a briefing and some target practice. Our equipment is very user friendly and our staff are well trained at making sure that people know how to fire accurately and powerfully enough to make games enjoyable.

+ What should we wear and bring to the session?

Sporting attire is recommended, with closed toe shoes a must. Dress according to the conditions. Bring plenty of water to rehydrate and remember to be sun smart.

+ Can I combine Archery Warz with other services?

Most definitely. Archery Warz can be combined with Bubble Soccer, Laser Tag, Nerf Wars, Soccer Pool, Mega Beer Pong, Spikeball, Jumping Castles/Inflatables and more! Send us an enquiry and tell us about your event and we will put together a package that suits you.

+ What sort of location do we need?

Archery Warz can be played in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. The space required for the game is about that of a basketball court (25m x 15m).

Large parks/ovals, enclosed tennis courts, private properties and single court or netted off indoor sports courts make for great locations. Even large conference rooms and halls can be used.

We are happy to discuss and review any locations put forward. Or you might choose to sue one of our preferred locations around town.

+ How many people do we need?

Private bookings start at a minimum of 10 players. If you are an individual or don't have a group that large, you might be interested in buying a ticket to one of our public sessions where we create a game against others.

+ What if the weather is bad?

Archery Warz can be played in most conditions, but we are more than happy to cancel or postpone your event in the event of an unfavourable forecast. We will generally contact you in the lead up to the event and discuss possibilities such as moving days, times or locations (potentially indoors) to avoid the weather. In the event of cancellation, you will receive a full refund of any deposit or monies paid.